The Organizing Committee of ciKi 2021 calls the researchers of the area to submit researches to be presented during the event in the form of articles.

The subjects were grouped into major sub-themes. The sub-topics guide the process of evaluation and presentation of the articles, and should be informed the most appropriate at the time of submission.

Be sure to read the instructions before submitting your article.

Sub-themes and subjects

The list of subjects is not exhaustive and may include other aspects of the sub-themes.
  • Creation of innovation ecosystems
  • Organizational models and governance of innovation ecosystems (PCT, Innovation Habitats, Intelligent Cities, etc.)
  • Measuring and evaluating the impact of innovation
  • Innovation in the public sector
  • Innovation Laboratories in the public sector
  • Innovation and Creative Industries
  • Incubation and business innovation
  • Management of technological knowledge
  • Knowledge engineering for innovation
  • Knowledge engineering applied to organizations
  • Knowledge engineering applied to electronic government
  • Theory and practice of knowledge engineering
  • Intellectual capital management
  • Intellectual capital and business innovation
  • Knowledge management, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Knowledge management of sustainability
  • Theory and practice in knowledge management
  • Innovative processes for social inclusion
  • Concepts and methodologies for social innovation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Innovation
  • Knowledge media and innovation
  • Media and knowledge in education
  • Media and dissemination of knowledge
  • Theory and practice of knowledge media
  • Digital Science
  • Digital Social Collaboration
  • Digital Transformation of health care
  • Digital Transformation in education
  • Digital Transformation in the Services Sector
  • Digital Transformation in the Public Sector
  • Transfer of knowledge and innovative entrepreneurship
  • Innovation and research management
  • Ecosystems of entrepreneurship in universities
  • Models for the development of entrepreneurial and innovative universities

Instructions for articles

Before submitting your article, read the instructions below.

Type of article

The Congress will receive full papers that present the results of the theoretical or empirical scientific research with its foundations, conceptual basis, methodology, research data and analyzes of the data or the discussion developed.

Number of pages

The article should be between 10 and 15 pages. The maximum number of pages should include figures, tables, references and the authors identification page, as well as attached files.

Formatting pages

The pages must be in A4 format, in a single column with the top and left margin 3 cm, and the bottom and the right 2 cm.

Formatting paragraphs

Paragraphs should be aligned in a justified manner, with the first line at 1.25 cm of left margin space, with space between lines of 1,5 and no space between paragraphs.

Font of texts

The font should be Times New Roman size 12 for the text. Size 10 should be used for graphical elements such as tables, graphs and figures, and for direct quotes in indentation. Use italics only for foreign words.

Formatting titles

Section headings should be placed on the left, with sequential numbering and Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3), with one blank line before and one later.

Citations and references

Articles should follow the American Psychological Association (APA) Guidelines for citations and references.

Download the template and submit your article

The formatting of the article should follow the instructions described above and the template provided by the organization of the event. The article must be delivered in PDF format and the submission must be done by the Easy Chair Platform.

Questions about article submission?